Help support Bec with her Walk

Help support Bec with her Walk

04 Apr 2019

Help support Bec with her Walk teaser

Land4Sale are proud to announce that our Land Development Manager Rebecca is taking part in the Hawaiian Walk for Women's Cancer on Saturday 4th May. It's a tough event but we know Bec can do it.
Bec aims to raise $2,500 in donations and we are asking you to help out.
Any donation would be great! All money raised goes to the Perkins Institute of Medical Research.
(Remember donations are tax deductible!)

Read why Bec is taking this challenge...

"I'm hoping my walk will make a difference to the future of cancer treatment"

In May 2016 my mother-in-law was diagnosed with Endometrial Grade 3 Stage IV Serous Cancer
and by the end of May she under went major abdominal surgery and a radical hysterectomy.
Then swiftly after went through the process of chemo and vault radiation treatment. She was blessed with 11 months of remission, though unfortunately the cancer returned. Since then it has been more chemo and now  immunotherapy. It has been a difficult time.

It is this hard journey she has been through that has inspired me to raise money for cancer. This walk was the perfect challenge for me. I am preparing myself with training for the walk and am hoping I can achieve the fundraising goal of $2,500 in time.

- Walking 35 kilometres is tough
- Raising $2,500 is tough
- Seeing loved ones suffer is tough
- Cancer is really tough
- But together we're tougher

Go to my fundraising page


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