• What has been the rate of growth for the region/area and what is the projected growth rate?
  • What period of time do you plan to hold the block before on selling – consider your purchase and on sale costs?
If building an investment home on the block, will it be for on sale or rental – consider your capital outlay. Likely return and costs associated with each scenario.
Get professional advice on capital gains tax implications.


  • Take into consideration the location and quality of the surrounding homes.
  • What lot shape and size will best suit your house plan and provide you with sufficient outdoor entertainment areas or room for a pool or room for a shed/workshop etc.
  • Be aware of any easements or other impediments that may affect building on the land.
  • Check that all services that you deem necessary are available for the block. Blocks in the country or in a remote area may not have all services available.
Ensure that all necessary or special conditions are written into the offer to purchase.

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Why choose Land4Sale?

Our friendly and professional team have a proven track record in providing excellent service to all of our clients. We’ve carefully structured our business to provide potential land buyers with the information that they need to make the best decisions about their prospective land purchase.

What should I consider when purchasing land?

There are a whole host of things to consider when buying land, and they’ll be different for everyone depending on your circumstances. That being said, there are a few general factors that you should always take into consideration:
  • Location are you close to what’s important to you and how will the location affect the resale value.
  • Zoning do your homework and make sure it’s zoned as residential before you purchase.
  • Space is the land big enough for you both now and into the future?
  • Orientation believe it or not, this can have a big impact upon the comfort levels and energy usage of your home.
  • Utilities ask you developer when the land will be connected to utilities and allow for connection costs in your budget.

How much does it cost to buy land with Land4Sale?

We have a wide range of properties available that vary in price. Check them out here to find out more.

How much is stamp duty for land in WA?

This depends on the value of the land being sold. It can be as low as 2% or as large as 25%. Get in touch with us and we can help you calculate the exact figure.

What happens on settlement day?

This is the day that you assume legal ownership of your land. A date agreed upon by both parties, it involves your settlement agent and your lender meeting the seller’s representatives to sign the final documents of the sale.

Can settlement be delayed?

Yes, unfortunately there are circumstances that can lead to the settlement date being delayed. Errors in the sale documents, issues with final inspections or financing issues can all lead to the official settlement date being pushed back.

Either party - the seller or the buyer - can also ask for a delay in settlement. This is largely dependent upon the other party agreeing to this.

What can happen to the buyer if they delay the settlement date?

If the settlement is delayed due to an error on the buyers behalf, the following can happen:
  • The seller can charge penalty interest (the amount will have been detailed in the contract).
  • The can keep the deposit and cancel the sale.
  • The can issue a Notice to Complete (a legal order that compels the buyer to seller buy a certain date after which the seller may be able to terminate the contract, keep the deposit and even sue the buyer for additional damages).

How long does it take to purchase land?

There is not set amount of time, and it depends upon the land in question and your circumstances (financing etc). At the very least it will take a number of weeks to draw up the contracts and get everything in place, but we can help make the process as quick, easy and efficient as possible for you.

When can I start building on my land after purchase?

This depends on the location of your property and the type of house you want to build. Obtaining planning permission from the local council is necessary, and each council has its own procedures and timeframes. It can be a matter of weeks and sometimes even months, so it pays to be patient and factor this into your plans.

What is my land worth?

Looking to sell your land soon? Get in touch with us and we can help determine its market value and guide you through the sales process.