Meet the Team

Meet the Team

  • Sue Davies teaser

    Sue Davies

    Director, Licensee & Triennial Certificate Holder

    What motivates Sue is the excitement of shaping an organisation that excels at every level. Her philosophy is to educate people, give them a feeling of safety and a memorable experience. Land4Sale has developed into a very successful family business; a business based on a culture of trust, loyalty, caring, hard work, commitment, and fun. Looking back on her working career, Sue now understands all of her knowledge, experience and skills come from being a telephonist for British Telecom, where the culture was strict and target based; Marks and Spencer, a retail company whose philosophy is the customer is always right; Town and Country Bank, qualifying people for mortgages and understanding finance; and then becoming a building representative and really learning how to sell.During her period in the building industry, Sue won numerous sales awards including Top Sales Person of the Year.

  • Kate Clark teaser

    Kate Clark

    Contracts Administration

    Kate has been with Land4Sale since January 2007. She has an organised and disciplined mind, is very thorough and has a friendly attitude towards everyone she deals with. In an often hectic environment Kate has the ability to foresee and solve issues with confidence. Having 10 years’ experience in this role has provided her with the necessary competent skills to work with Developers, Buyers, Brokers and Builders. Kate manages the administration of land contracts, the trust account and runs our very busy real estate office. Kate has been awarded the Excellence Award for exceptional customer service which is testament to her character and the culture of Land4Sale. Kate really cares about what she does and it shows.

  • Samantha Davies teaser

    Samantha Davies

    Sales & Marketing Manager

    Samantha has been successfully selling land for nearly 10 years with multiple industry awards to her name. Sam is a problem solver; and she is also extremely organised, diligent and disciplined, an unusual trait for a top sales person. She is responsive and excellent with both Buyers and Building Representatives – making them feel extremely comfortable and provides an exceptional service. Samantha has expanded her role to include the marketing and set up of Land4Sale’s Estates, with a keen eye for art and design, she is loving this new role.

  • Phil Lankowski teaser

    Phil Lankowski

    Land Specialist

    Having worked within the property industry since 2009, Phil works in conjunction with Samantha, servicing all sales enquiries. Phil has brought his extensive knowledge and experience to Land4Sale. Being an award winning sales person, his passionate/enthusiastic and energetic nature serves him well when selling land and it shows in his customer service towards Buyers, Building Representatives and developers. Phil is a team player who is very eager learn and do all that he can to drive Land4Sale’s business further.

  • Martin Head teaser

    Martin Head

    Land Estate Manager

    With a strong background in high level production management, Marty moved to Perth almost 20 years ago & has spent over 18 years in new homes and land sales. He is analytical, diligent and organised, with a warm and friendly personality, all of which have assisted him to excel in the Perth property market. Marty’s positive attitude, dedicated approach to business & willingness to help make him a key member of the Land4Sale team.

  • Reece Scales teaser

    Reece Scales

    Land Estate Manager

  • Joe Davies teaser

    Joe Davies

    Operations Manager

  • Kimberly Ferguson teaser

    Kimberly Ferguson

    Sales and Contracts Assistant

  • Charlie Hemphill teaser

    Charlie Hemphill

    Contracts Assistant